Strengthening Security Posture and Empowering Operational Maturity with Lucidum and SIEM for Proactive Execution

Turbocharge alert triage and incident investigation

Lucidum's integration with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems significantly improves the efficiency of alert triage and incident investigation by addressing the challenge of alert prioritization. By providing a continuous feed of comprehensive system information, security analysts can rapidly identify IP-host relationships, system owners, and OS/application details, enabling accelerated triage and focused attention on high-priority incidents.

  • Enhanced alert triage: Lucidum effectively manages vulnerabilities in short-lived and transient systems, ensuring that no security gaps go unnoticed.

  • Comprehensive system details:  Lucidum's continuous feed provides extensive information on IP-host relationships, system owners, and OS/application details.

  • Improved incident investigation:  Security analysts can quickly gather and analyze relevant data, reducing the time spent on investigations.

  • Complete context: Lucidum ensures that all necessary information is available within SEIM, enabling rapid and informed decision-making.

  • Increased efficiency:  Security analysts can focus on high-priority tasks, bolstering overall security operations.

More Detail, Easier Reporting


Create Useful Business & Security Alerts

Integrating Lucidum with SEIM solutions empowers organizations to create proactive business and security policy alerts, extending the capabilities of SEIMs beyond their traditional expertise in detecting viruses, trojan horses, and other threats. Lucidum enables SEIMs to foresee potential risks by alerting, automating tickets, and initiating workflow automation when systems and identities deviate from known good configurations. This proactive approach allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities before an incident occurs, prioritize remediation based on data and user access, and automatically file tickets or implement configuration changes and software tooling—effectively transforming SEIMs into a "pre-SEIM" solution that addresses security gaps before they are exploited.


  • Proactive alerts:  Lucidum integration enables SEIMs to alert organizations to deviations from known good configurations.

  • Automated tickets and workflows:  The combination of Lucidum and SIEM initiates ticketing and workflow automation to address security concerns swiftly.

  • Prioritization based on data and user access:  Organizations can prioritize security efforts by focusing on the most critical assets and users.

  • Preemptive vulnerability management:  Addressing security gaps before an incident occurs helps to prevent breaches and minimize potential damages.

  • Expanded SEIM efficacy:  Integrating Lucidum takes SEIMs beyond the traditional detect-respond model, creating a more comprehensive and proactive security solution.


Faster Common-Sense Dashboards & Queries
That Yield Immediate Business Value

Lucidum's seamless integration with security solutions transforms the way organizations use dashboards and queries, delivering rapid business value. Traditional approaches often require extensive knowledge of IP address ranges, hostnames, and domain structures, while also struggling with the complexities and gaps introduced by user identity alerting. By leveraging Lucidum's entity-extraction machine learning, systems and user accounts are merged into single units, eliminating the challenges posed by dynamically assigned IP addresses, ephemeral assets, and remote work environments. This refined approach allows analysts to extract actionable insights from dashboards and queries more efficiently, without the initial hurdles of launching an investigation.

  • Streamlined dashboards and queries:  Lucidum integration simplifies the creation and use of these essential security tools.

  • Unified user identity management:  The solution consolidates multiple user accounts and system details for more straightforward analysis.

  • Minimized complexity and gaps:  Lucidum's entity-extraction machine learning dispels ambiguity and confusion in the analyst's workflow.

  • Rapid business value:  Instant insights from dashboards and queries empower organizations to make informed decisions and bolster security.

  • Time-efficient integration: Lucidum minimizes time spent on investigations, enabling analysts to prioritize more crucial tasks.

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