Effortlessly Enhance Your SOC and NOC with Drop-in Managed CAASM for Unparalleled Insight and Security. In as little as two weeks, set record NPS, eliminate churn, and accelerate margin. Secure and manage everything, not just what they sold you.

Boosting Service Profitability & Margin
Multipliers with Lucidum for MSSPs

Lucidum empowers Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) by significantly enhancing service profitability and margin multipliers. Partners who leverage Lucidum experience between 4-10 times growth in service offerings and operational retention across their customer base. MSSPs powered by Lucidum benefit from a quick time to value and are able to deliver high-margin services to meet their clients' diverse needs.

  • Substantial growth in service offerings with Lucidum's support, ranging from 4-10 times

  • Increased operational retention across MSSP customers, ensuring long-term success

  • Quick time to value for MSSPs powered by Lucidum's platform

  • Delivery of high-margin services to meet clients' diverse security requirements

  • Enhanced service profitability through optimized offerings and efficient operations

More Detail, Easier Reporting

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Seamless Integration and Service Differentiation for MSSPs with Lucidum

IIntegrating Lucidum with SEIM solutions empowers organizations to create proactive business and security policy alerts, extending the capabilities of SEIMs beyond their traditional expertise in detecting viruses, trojan horses, and other threats. Lucidum enables SEIMs to foresee potential risks by alerting, automating tickets, and initiating workflow automation when systems and identities deviate from known good configurations. This proactive approach allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities before an incident occurs, prioritize remediation based on data and user access, and automatically file tickets or implement configuration changes and software tooling—effectively transforming SEIMs into a "pre-SEIM" solution that addresses security gaps before they are exploited.


  •  Accelerated service readiness with Lucidum's frictionless experience, enhancing MSSPs' capabilities

  • Seamless integration of customers' existing data sources, tools, and workflows for simplified onboarding

  • Rapid time to value by streamlining operational processes and minimizing barriers to implementation

  • Opportunities for MSSPs to differentiate their products and services in a competitive market

  • Customization options for unique, tailored services that cater to the diverse needs of MSSP clients

  • Achieving competitive margins by offering differentiated and customized services through Lucidum's platform


Streamlined Security Solutions and Simplified Pricing,
with Lucidum for MSSPs

Lucidum offers Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) a comprehensive and streamlined security solution that eliminates the need for multiple, mismatched tools that often leave security gaps. With over 300 out-of-the-box integrations, value-oriented dashboards, and automated actions, Lucidum is easy to implement and customize to fit each MSSP's service offerings. Additionally, Lucidum's K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) pricing model provides automated, metered billing with no hidden fees, making it easier for MSSPs to generate revenue as they leverage and create more value with the platform.

  • Comprehensive security solution addressing asset, user, and data protection, relationship dependencies, CVE, risk, and machine learning

  • Over 300 out-of-the-box integrations with dedicated technology experts for seamless implementation

  • Value-oriented dashboards and automated actions for streamlined security management

  • Elimination of mismatched tools and security gaps commonly faced by MSSPs

  • Lucidum's K.I.S.S. pricing model: Automated, metered billing with no hidden fees

  • Increased revenue potential for MSSPs as they leverage and create more value with Lucidum

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