Maximize endpoint protection coverage and maintain a secure environment with Lucidum's comprehensive approach, ensuring continuous deployment of endpoint protection, validation of updates, and adaptability across cloud, on-premises, and work-from-home scenarios.

Turbocharge Your IAM Investment with Lucidum

Maximizing your IAM investment is crucial for enhancing data security, accelerating IT processes, reducing human error, and ensuring compliance. However, conflicts with legacy systems and unauthorized applications can limit the effectiveness of your IAM platform. Lucidum helps you overcome these challenges by identifying and managing apps and systems outside of your IAM framework and tracking disconnected accounts and identities, enabling you to take control and prevent potential security risks.

  • Seamless Integration:  Resolve conflicts with legacy systems and unauthorized applications.

  • Comprehensive Management:   Find and manage apps and systems outside of your IAM framework.

  • Improved Access Control:  Identify contractor identities, shared administrative accounts, and personal email usage.

  • Centralized Account Management:   Disable or integrate disconnected accounts and identities with your IAM platform.

  • Enhanced Security:  Control outlying applications and identities to prevent potential security risks.

More Detail, Easier Reporting


Efficient Management of Certificates, Keys, Secrets, and
Machines with Lucidum

The growing volume and variety of systems, both on-premises and in the cloud, demands a more efficient approach to managing certificates, keys, secrets, and machines. Traditional manual, ad hoc, and reactive management methods can lead to conflicts and unexpected access issues, such as inaccessible systems due to expired certificates. Lucidum offers the solution by connecting to your key and secret management system and automatically reporting compliance, aging, ownership, and validity, ensuring a streamlined and proactive approach to system management.


  • Automated Management:   Reducing manual, ad hoc, and reactive processes.

  • Conflict Resolution:   Addressing issues with existing and planned system ownership, requirements, and expectations.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Gaining insights into the infrastructure and access issues, such as expired certificates.

  • Seamless Integration:  Connecting to your key and secret management system.

  • Proactive Reporting:   Automatically monitoring compliance, aging, ownership, and validity for improved security.


Simplifying Hybrid and Multicloud Management with Lucidum

As enterprises increasingly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud environments for their digital assets, the need for mature and automated controls becomes essential. Ensuring proper identity integration across distributed, siloed, and local accounts are critical to secure and managing access effectively. Lucidum simplifies this process by providing a "single pane of glass" that displays all identities owned or used by a single user, facilitating the implementation of a multi-cloud and hybrid IAM strategy while leveraging native and preexisting tools for enhanced management.

  • Streamlined Management:    Simplifying access and control in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Identity Integration:    Ensuring secure access across distributed, siloed, and local accounts.

  • Single Pane of Glass:   Consolidating the view of all identities owned or used by a single user.

  • Accelerated Implementation:    Speeding up the deployment of multi-cloud and hybrid IAM strategies.

  • Leveraging Existing Tools: Utilizing native and preexisting tools for efficient and effective management.

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