Endpoint Protection & Lucidum 

Maximize endpoint protection coverage and maintain a secure environment with Lucidum's comprehensive approach, ensuring continuous deployment of endpoint protection, validation of updates, and adaptability across cloud, on-premises, and work-from-home scenarios.

Enhancing Endpoint Protection Deployment and Coverage with Lucidum

Lucidum provides a comprehensive and continuous approach to the complex and dynamic challenges of cloud security and cyber risk management. The Lucidum CAASM platform offers complete visibility into the "Who, What, Where, and Why," securing your cloud infrastructure, while also enabling visibility into both cloud and non-cloud cyber exposure. Lucidum helps identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, prioritizes remediation actions, and supports ongoing compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST CSF, ultimately saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs.

  • Comprehensive approach to cloud security and cyber risk management challenges

  • Complete visibility into the 4 W's: Who, What, Where, and Why for securing cloud infrastructure

  • Applicable to various cloud providers and ownership scenarios

  • Addressing both cloud and non-cloud cyber exposure for a holistic security strategy

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and prioritizing remediation actions

  • Support for compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks (PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST CSF)

  • Time and cost savings through streamlined compliance and risk management processes

More Detail, Easier Reporting


Comprehensive Endpoint Security with Lucidum

The ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats requires a multi-faceted approach to endpoint protection to safeguard your environment. Traditional security measures leave gaps and vulnerabilities exposed. Lucidum's platform enhances other companies' endpoint protection solutions by validating the security measures across your entire enterprise and identifying discrepancies and outliers for continuous remediation. Key features of Lucidum's endpoint protection enhancement include:


  • Endpoint Protection Validation:   Ensuring up-to-date and effective protection tools are in place.

  • Security Configuration Analysis:   Strengthening security configurations to minimize vulnerabilities.

  • Discrepancy Detection:   Identifying gaps in your security measures for targeted remediation.

  • Automated Ticketing and Notifications:   Streamlining the remediation process with automated ticket generation and messaging that keeps teams informed.

  • SOAR Tooling Integration:   Facilitating continuous remediation through seamless integration with existing tools.


Beyond Endpoints: Holistic Security with Lucidum

In today's dynamic digital landscape, endpoint protection must extend beyond traditional user workstations to encompass cloud systems. Integrating endpoint deployment within the CI/CD pipeline is essential for automated coverage, but not all deployments are covered by the pipeline. Instances like bring-your-own-cloud, shadow cloud, and alternate deployments provide flexibility, yet can bypass vital security measures. Lucidum bridges this gap, offering robust protection across different environments:

  • CI/CD Pipeline Integration:   Ensuring automated endpoint coverage within the pipeline.

  • Comprehensive Deployment Security:   Addressing bring-your-own-cloud, shadow cloud, and alternate deployments.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility:  Accommodating both cloud and on-premises security tooling.

  • Remote Work Protection:   Safeguarding work-from-home environments.

  • Unified Endpoint Security:  Offering consistent protection across your entire organization.

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