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Lucidum's CAASM platform revolutionizes compliance performance by providing enhanced visibility, control, and streamlined adherence to various regulations and frameworks. Experience a comprehensive, accelerated approach to security compliance while showcasing your organization's security maturity and credibility.

Streamlined Compliance Audits with Lucidum

Conducting regular compliance audits is essential for preventing cyber attacks and adhering to regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, or NIST. Despite their importance, compliance audits can be challenging, costly, and time-consuming, involving manual processes prone to errors and inconsistencies. In addition, with the dynamic nature of the asset surface, audits can quickly become outdated. Lucidum addresses these challenges by automating and streamlining the audit process, offering:

  • Automated Asset Discovery:  Efficiently mapping and monitoring the asset surface.

  • Continuous Vulnerability Assessment:   Providing an up-to-date view of vulnerabilities and risks.

  • Actionable Insights:   Delivering recommendations for improved security and compliance.

  • Compliance Framework Integration:  Seamlessly working with various frameworks and tools.

  • Audit-Ready Reporting:  Generating on-demand and scheduled reports for evidence gathering.

More Detail, Easier Reporting


Enhancing Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness with Lucidum

Lucidum's Cyber Attack Asset Surface Management platform empowers organizations by automating and simplifying the data collection and analysis process for compliance audits. By streamlining these tasks, organizations benefit from significant advantages, including:


  • Time and Cost Savings:   Reducing the resources required for audits.

  • Minimized Human Errors:  Limiting the risk of mistakes in data collection and analysis.

  • Accelerated Audit Completion:  Ensuring timely completion of audits.

  • Improved Efficiency:  Optimizing the audit process for enhanced effectiveness.

  • Reduced Compliance Risk:  Proactively addressing potential compliance issues.


Elevating Compliance Performance with Lucidum

Harnessing the power of Lucidum's Cyber Attack Asset Surface Management platform allows organizations to address all aspects of their compliance needs more effectively. The platform delivers a comprehensive and detailed view of the asset surface, user alignment, and security status, empowering organizations to manage and enforce security policies across their digital landscape. With Lucidum, companies can not only improve their compliance performance by streamlining adherence to multiple regulations and frameworks but also showcase their security maturity and credibility to customers, partners, and regulators. Lucidum minimizes the time, effort, and risks associated with traditional compliance processes, ultimately raising the bar for security and compliance standards.

  • Comprehensive Visibility:   In-depth understanding of the asset surface and identity planes.

  • Optimized Compliance Performance:   Streamlining adherence to various regulations and frameworks.

  • Strengthened Reputation:   Showcasing security maturity and credibility to stakeholders and regulators.

  • Efficient Policy Enforcement:   Consistently applying security policies throughout the organization.

  • Expedited Compliance: Accelerating the compliance process while reducing associated risks.

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